Sunny shores, sparkling waters, and stunning sunsets…these are all the spectacular seaside highlights we associate with the Caribbean that makes it a destination drawing people in droves. Less widely known, however, is that the same beauty and temperate climate can be enjoyed without traveling nearly the distance Jamaica or the Bahamas require. Situated on the same latitude as North Carolina, Bermuda’s isles are a much more easily accessed vacation destination for many.

Beginning with adventures at sea, diving is a huge draw to tourists of Bermuda. Some of the healthiest and largest reefs in the world surround these islands, especially Blue Hole and Western Blue Cut. Also luring in diving aficionados are the legendary Bermuda Triangle fables and, more specifically, the more than 300 shipwrecks haunting these waters. Each offers spine-tingling and ghostly adventures. Especially notable are the wrecks of Montana, Hermes, Constellation, L’Herminie, and Ferry. Each is notable for good reason and deserves to be explored!

Not all vacationers are up for an extreme adventure on vacation, of course, and for those who simply want to relax in the sun, Bermuda is a great choice. In fact, Horseshoe Bay Beach is rated among the top ten in the world. Other relaxing activities include visits to the historic Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, the Bermuda Aquarium, or the Bermuda Botanical Gardens. For a bit more time outdoors, Blue Hole Park’s caves, lagoons, and unmarked paths make it a perfect choice, as is the 64-acre Spittal Pond Nature Reserve.

Equally interesting and popular in Bermuda is the history to be investigated. With British, North American, African, Portuguese and West Indian influences all contributing to its culture, the museums in Bermuda abound with fascinating detail. This unique blend of culture plays into the culinary delights of Bermuda, too. Ask any of the locals and they’ll tell you: don’t leave their fare country before you sample the fish chowder, pepper jelly, rum cake, or Gosling’s rum. Your vacation isn’t complete until you do!


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