Gargac Greece Trip

Your trip to Athens, Greece

Sun, Sep 5 to Thu, Sep 9 Total price: $1,565.87

Acropolis View Hotel

One way Flight
Kansas City (MCI) to Athens (ATH)
Departure: Arrives on Mon, Sep 6. Your hotel check-in reflects this arrival.
2 Tickets: 2 Adults
12:07pm  to 10:30am


14h 23m
1 stop

1h 56m in EWR

Arrives Mon, Sep 6

 Free cancel within 24 hrs

Your trip to Myrina, (Lemnos) Greece

Thu, Sep 9 to Thu, Sep 16 Total price: $747.79

Dina Hotel

One way Flight
Athens (ATH) to Myrina (LXS)
2 Tickets: 2 Adults
10:40am  to 11:35am

Sky Express

0h 55m


 Free cancel within 24 hrs