China Experience

04/14/2021 through 09/09/2022
04/14/2021 through 09/12/2022
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China Experience

Experience the breadth of cultures, flavours and landscapes that make up the vast Middle Kingdom on one our most popular tours through China. Marvel at iconic attractions like the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors, then find a quieter side of the country with a cruise along the Yangzi River and a stay in a Buddhist monastery tucked into the mountains of Emei Shan. Discover a land of epic history, vibrant cultures and dramatic vistas on this 19-day China Experience.  


  • Beijing – Forbidden City
  • Beijing – Tiananmen Square
  • Beijing – Mutianyu Great Wall (entransce fee, transfer included)
  • Xi’an – Muslim Quarter walking tour
  • Xi’an – Terracotta Warriors Tour (entrace fee, transport, local guide included)
  • Chengdu – Leader-led walking tour
  • Chengdu – People’s Park & Tianfu Square
  • Chengdu – Giant Panda Breeding Research Base (entrance fee & transport included)
  • Leshan – Giant Buddha (boat ticket & transport included)
  • Emei Shan – Scenic Area Hiking
  • Emei Shan – Cable car & Golden Summit visit
  • Yichang – Guided Three Gorges Dam Project tour
  • Yangshuo – Cycling tour (local guide & bike hire included)


  • This is one of our most comprehensive trips in China, taking in key destinations from north to south with plenty of variety in experiences and sights along the way 
  • Travel by overnight train to get a sense of the vastness of this country, as well as zip between cities on this high-speed rail network
  • Take through the iconic scenery of the Yangzi River as you meander through the dramatic Three Gorges on a three-day cruise
  • No matter how many guide books you have read, nothing truly prepares you for the grandeur and immensity of historic sights like the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Leshan Big Buddha and the Terracotta Army. However, the country’s modern man-made sights refuse to be outdone, and you can see the modern equivalence of those ancient feats in the skyline of Hong Kong and the Yangzi River’s Three Gorges Hydroelectric dam 
  • Get up close to giant pandas in Chengdu and learn about their struggle for survival
  • Beyond adorable, endangered giant pandas, Chengdu is one of our favourite cities in China. Find out why our travellers end up falling in love with this emerging travel hotspot here:
  • Escape the cities to discover China’s natural beauty. Trek up the misty forests of Emei Shan for a stay in a monastery, waking to the sound of drums and prayers in the morning Buddhist ritual.
  • Cycle through the Chinese countryside with backdrops that resemble paintings – the picturesque limestone karsts of Yangshuo, for example, grace the walls of conference rooms and Chinese embassy’s around the world


Day 1 Beijing
Day 2 Beijing
Day 3 Great Wall - Beijing
Day 4 Xi'an
Day 5 Xi'an
Day 6 Chengdu
Day 7 Chengdu
Day 8 Leshan - Emei Shan
Day 9 Emei Shan
Day 10 Emei Shan
Day 11 Chongqing - Yangzi River
Day 12-13 Yangzi River
Day 14 Yichang - Overnight train
Day 15 Yangshuo
Day 16 Yangshuo
Day 17 Yangshuo
Day 18 Hong Kong
Day 19 Hong Kong

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