New Caledonia Adventure

01/17/2021 through 12/02/2022
01/17/2021 through 12/05/2022
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New Caledonia Adventure

Enter a country often overlooked in the South Pacific region beyond the resorts, a place full of endemic rainforest, Melanesian culture and truly unforgettable beaches. Welcome to New Caledonia, and on this six-day Intrepid adventure, you’ll have the chance to snorkel through transparent waters over coral reefs teeming with tropical fish, meet local makers and farmers, and experience the longstanding tribal Kanak traditions with an overnight village stay. This well-paced trip takes you from the bustling French-influenced hub of Noumea along the west coast, with excursions to Blue River National Park and Giant Fern Park. With plenty of quality inclusions, time to relax beachside and a knowledgeable local leader available each step of the way, your New Caledonian escape is the perfect mix of rest and play.


  • Blue River National Park – Guided eco tour & picnic
  • Kanak Village – Cultural experience & traditional lunch
  • Bourail – Poé Lagoon
  • Bourail – Glass bottom boat & snorkeling
  • Bourail – Three Bays walk
  • Bourail – Farm visit & home cooked lunch
  • Farino – Giant Fern Park guided rainforest tour
  • Boulouparis – Naiouli distillery visit


  • Visit a remote tribal village in the New Caledonian foothills and experience the day and night living in local Kanak tradition. Learn of the lifestyle and customs of these communities, and spend the night in a traditional faré house.
  • New Caledonian beaches are the stuff of dreams. Go snorkelling and glass-bottom boating on the lagoons of Poe Beach, and walk the Three-Bay Trail to see its spectacular shores from up above.
  • Be welcomed at a farm property just outside of Bourail, and enjoy typical bush cuisine with their farm products. You’ll get a snapshot of regional life, with many customs adopted from American ranchers.
  • Gaze in awe at the diverse landscapes of this island nation, from the mighty Kaori trees in the Blue River National Park to lush rainforest and endemic plant species in the Giant Fern Park near Farino.
  • Your leader has got you front of mind to ensure you get the best out of your stay. Learn about the region’s cultures, traditions and way of living as you travel along the coast, and get the low-down from someone who lives and breathes New Caledonia.


Day 1 Noumea
Day 2 Blue River National Park – Noumea
Day 3 Kanak Village
Day 4 Bourail
Day 5 Farino – Boulouparis – Noumea
Day 6 Noumea

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