Pour Vous Roof Top Bar


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Pour Vous Roof Top Bar

Serving mostly as a student bar, it can provide a sense of relaxation during the weekday as it is much more calm. With a nice view, cheap food and drink, you can expect a nice relaxing experience and you may even meet some locals to learn from.

Bars & Nightlife

There are two main types of bars in Cairo: traditional Egyptian style bars, known as “caféterias” and typical Western style bars. The “caféterias” have solely male customers and serve small plates of food. Both men and women are welcome and will feel comfortable and at ease in the Western style bars, which often serve food as well. There is a pulsing variety of vivacious nightlife in Cairo. Most of the large, upscale hotels have nightclubs attached to them, and most of these are a safe bet for a good night out.